Coconut Oil Crazy

So I always knew that coconut oil was amazing and that it had a multitude of uses. I just never got around to experimenting with it.

I’ve always used it for cooking my delectable sweet potatoes and popping popcorn, but what I’ve found out with a little experimentation has truly blown my mind, so I figured I would share.

Over the past week or so, I’ve used coconut oil as:

  • Make-up remover (eye & face)
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Eye cream (anti-inflammatory)
  • Shaving cream
  • Body moisturizer (soaks into your skin quickly!)
  • Deep conditioner

My results have been unbelievable. My make-up comes off better, my curly frizz has lessened and my hair feels softer, and lastly, my skin feels smoother, clearer, and healthier than ever before.


Coconut oil serves as a less processed, natural and less expensive option to conventional household products, so WHY NOT?

There are so many other ways I am excited to try out, and they’re all conveniently listed right here: (but I’m sure even more will be discovered soon!)

Greatist 76 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil truly is a superfood with tons of super uses. Do yourself a favor and invest in some coconut oil! :)

Be the Change

Hey strangers! Long time, no blog, I know.

Senior year is upon me and it feels, well, a little bit overwhelming.

Aside from taking 18 credit hours, serving as President of my business fraternity, founding ‘The Veg Club of Virginia Tech,’ staying involved with my sorority and its upcoming philanthropic events, serving as a member of the Virginia Tech Dining Services Student Advisory Board, maintaining my active vegan lifestyle and trying to secure a job by the end of this semester, I also feel the pressure to define who I will am now, who I will be in the future and the impact I will have on the world.


A professional photo taken at a business fraternity event in hopes to snag a job in the near future!

I’ve evidently done a lot of growing over my time in college and my perspective on a lot of things has changed.

My most impactful change in perspective quite frankly started from making the transition to the vegan lifestyle. From then on, my eyes were opened.

I longer find myself caught up in the façade of material possessions or caught up in impressions people might have of me. None of that seems to matter as much as it once did.

The famous words “Be the change you want to see,” by Ghandi, continuously resonate with me everywhere I go, in anything I do and in everything I see.

Why settle for the status quo? Why do something just because it’s always been done? Why do what everyone else is doing? Why not do something better? 

Sometimes to break the mold and to make that difference, you’re going to have to be that odd ball out, the strange one. You’re going to have to be the outcast, the different one. But you know what? I’ve never been more okay with that than I am right now at this point in my life.

After a weekend of a bad cold cuddling up to some Netflix and hot tea, I watched the biographical movie on Steve Jobs, “Jobs.” I was unexpectedly inspired beyond what I could have imagined. This quote in particular stood out to me.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently…they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.” -Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs was actually a raw vegan or fruitarian and because of this, was able to live 10 years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His biggest inspiration was Albert Einstein, the face of innovation and genius, and also vegan.

Yes, up until this point in my life, I’ve been on track with exactly what the typical individual raised in an affluent suburban metropolitan area in a developed country is expected to do: graduate high school, go to a four-year university and work the rest of your life to maintain society as we know it.

To that last part–no, thank you. I’ve been educated enough, through my schooling, but also through my own experiences and personal research, to realize that the world as it is should not be the world we strive to maintain. A change needs to be made–an understatement if I’ve ever seen one.

With that said, I know I was put on the Earth for a reason and it feels wrong to live my life by the status quo not making a difference. I want to change the world. I want to make a lasting impact. I want to do better, so the world can be better. 

So how do I go about that? one might ask.

Well, for starters, I need to have people realize that if everyone began caring more for others and the world around them than they do for their own personal interests, we might just see some change. I need to help people understand that if we each possessed a little more compassion and empathy, gears might just start a’turning. We have been raised in an individualistic culture that teaches us to tend to ourselves and not to trust anyone, each man for themselves. But what if there was a way to satisfy yourself while benefiting the world around you?

This is where the plant-based lifestyle comes in.

And now, this is where open-mindedness enters the conversation. That’s a big one that a lot of people struggle with, which is understandable. It’s difficult to break social norms, to risk disaffiliation from your peers, to fear losing social belongingness, to part from everything you’re comfortable with, everything you’ve grown to trust in.

This is where we must think about the BIG PICTURE and believe in self-efficacy. This message of change for a better world through ways of compassion and kindness for one another and society as a whole is huge and although it will take a great deal of effort, every single person makes a difference. If we can reverse and delete cancer, disease, global warming, animal cruelty and world hunger all by transitioning to a different way of eating, living and ultimately thinking, why wouldn’t we?

My eyes have been opened.

I feel as though by going vegan I’ve done good, but I know I can do better. I’m ready to do greater things, to reach more people, to improve this world we live in forever.

If you’ve stayed with me this far, I hope my inspired futuristic thoughts have not scared you away too much. I simply want people to know, to be aware and to make informed decisions when the time comes.

I encourage you all to watch any and all of these documentaries. These wonderful documentaries are one of the easiest ways to understand this lifestyle, where I’m coming from, and why I’ve stuck with it for 1 year and 3 months, and will continue with it for the rest of my life.

Each can be found on Netflix or another online location:

Go vegan and change the world with me. #plantpower #plantstrong


I promise you I’m not crazy. This is the way of the future.

Back to studying! Three exams on Tuesday…

P.S. Tomorrow is the official ‘Hug a Vegan’ Day, so feel free to show me some love! ;)


We Are All Earthlings

I watched the award winning documentary Earthlings, by Joaquin Pheonix, last night.


It was easily one of the most difficult films I’ve ever watch, but much needed. Documentaries like this just reinforce why I live the lifestyle I do and will live for the rest of my life. I applaud Joaquin Pheonix for exposing so many different industries for the reality that they are. People need to know.

I believe that every single person on this planet NEEDS to watch this. It may be the only way to get through.

This documentary drives the point home that every living creature on this planet was placed on this planet to live, to carry out life, to experience love and nurturing in coexistence with the others. Through out history, human society has deemed acceptable exerting power onto the less powerful, the helpless, to exert suffering on those that can’t do anything about it.

I believe that the biggest challenge we face as a species today is ignorance, plain and simple. With the amount of animal rights campaigns and awareness type efforts around us, there is a good chance most individuals are aware that these hell-on-earth slaughterhouses do exist, they just choose to pretend they do not.


One cannot feel helpless in this matter. Yes, it’s a large job to get the entire world’s population to stop eating animal products and partaking in acts of cruelty toward animals, but it’s a feat well forth the effort. Every person makes a difference.

Your vote is in the groceries you buy. It’s all about supply and demand. For example, you decide to stop buying dairy milk and buy almond milk instead. That store will now purchase less dairy milk from their provider and more almond milk, that provider will then go onto buying less dairy milk from farmers and those farmers will stop producing so much dairy milk from their cows. Do your part.



What blows my mind is the specieism that exists today, what society has taught us is acceptable. Why on earth do we love and cherish our dogs and cats, but force cows, pigs, and chickens to live a horrid live, filled with violence and abuse to then be slaughtered just to end up on our dinner plates? Just like with any discrimination, it must first be identified as wrong, awareness must be spread and action must be taken. Discrimination in any shape or form should not be tolerated. It’s absurdly powerful the affect society has on peoples’ moral judgement, but change is in the air, people!


Oh, and guess what? THE RESEACH IS IN! In no way, shape or form do we need to consume animal products to survive. If me, myself and I isn’t living testament enough check out the million studies and thousands of other vegans across the world. The funny thing is we don’t just survive, we thrive! A total plant-based diet is the single most healthy, wholesome and nutritious diet one can consume. A plant-based diet also almost completely knocks out all chances of western world disease (obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis), while giving you the clearest state of mind and overall vibrancy to live life to the absolute fullest.


It’s time we all become more conscious about what we put in our mouths and show a little more compassion for the creatures we share this earth with.

This is a new age. It’s time to stop living in the past and start living for the future.

I urge you to watch this documentary. The world needs to know. Change starts with you.


Farmacy vs. Pharmacy

Hi everyone, I’m officially back home from Spain and back to my primary blog! (Check out my Spain blog, ChowidoSpain, to check out my 6-week Spanish adventure!)

I’m so, so excited to be back to blogging about my plant-based eats, exercise and adventures.

While I’ve been gone—

July 5, 2014- I hit 1 year of being vegan! I couldn’t be more happy to be where I’m at today and so grateful for the support that has gotten me here. I am overjoyed to have found veganism and to have been introduced to a plant-based community where it seems that each and every person is just as passionate as I am, with their own unique story for reaching the plant-based lifestyle they’re at today.

Upon arrival home, I began working as a marketing intern for a holistic wellness center on my area, called The Wellness Center, that has allowed me to dive into the marketing of a brand new company with an intention that is more than I could have ever hoped for. At this all-encompassing wellness center, the idea is to treat the client as a whole person, from the mental therapy aspect to massage therapy to acupuncture to nutrition and fitness. Right up my alley, huh?

One of my roles as the marketing intern is to manage all of our social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSqaure and our blog. So upon brainstorming some interesting topics to write on, I came across the idea of “Farmacy vs. Pharmacy” and my brain started running a thousands miles a minute with all I could say. With time and knowledge, I’ve grown to have quite a strong opinion on this topic and so here is what I wrote up:


“Headache? Take some of this. Common cold? Try these pills. Stomach ache? Take this syrup. High cholesterol? Take this everyday. Arthritis? Take two of these daily. Heart disease? Inject yourself with this 3x daily. That should take care of it. For now.

Our country has spiraled into a medical crisis, relying on artificial, chemically derived substances to maintain our everyday lives. Americans have mindlessly short-changed themselves by falling dependent on these modern day conveniences and not taking matters into their own hands.

As technology has advanced and made our lives more convenient, we have become sedentary as a people, only doing and consuming what is easiest. Because of this, we are now experiencing illnesses that did not even exist 50 or 100 years ago. Think there may be some type of possible correlation? Bingo. No fear though. As the the medical industry is a business run by supply and demand, they have met this need with new drugs for these conditions, allowing the public to believe that any of these ‘sicknesses’ they fall victim to are cured with some type of medication. This pattern that will only continue and worsen with time.

We have lost touch with the most crucial element to our well-being—nutrition.

Arranged Vegetables Creating a Face

The American people have been trained to have a reactive perspective and approach to health and medicine. The idea that nothing should be done unless there is something wrong (don’t fix it unless it’s broken) is exactly what has led us to the obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease epidemic we have reached today.

Our bodies are self-healing. All our bodies’ need is the right fuel to allow the internal workings to take place. It is our job as ‘managers’ of our bodies to allow this to happen. Your fate is in YOUR hands. If we come to believe that we are victims of circumstance, we are doing ourselves a grave disfavor.

The idea of a Farmacy vs. Pharmacy is to realize the benefits of proactive care and self-healing through wholesome and nutritious food consumption instead of being dependent on artificial substances that create misery and medical bills out the wazoo. It is the realization that what you eat affects a whole lot more than people realize.

Next time there is a diagnosis of some sort, check out what the person is consuming first and foremost—most likely the root of the problem. The research is there.

Health reform starts in YOUR kitchen, not in Washington.


I hope this post opened your eyes up a little more to this serious issue or maybe even just got your brain thinking about things. Whatever it did, I hope you enjoyed! I need to get back to summer class work now, my second job! ;)

See you all very soon! Chow!

1 Year Blogiversary

Today marks 1 year since I began this blog! Time sure does fly when you’re blogging fun. ;)

Let’s flashback to my first blog post. How cute! I had no idea what I was doing, just typing along.

Wow, how times have changed! Here I am 12 months later, 21 years old, a vegan and professional weight lifter (lol okay maybe still amateur), but STILL, I have evolved quite a bit and will only continue to do so as I keep heading down the path toward bettering myself and the world around me. I’m just over here trying to be the best Colleen I can be! :)

Back to preparations for my trip to Spain…I leave in T-minus 4 days! Where is the time going…

I went grocery shopping today with my mom to grab some comfort snacks for my trip! I am banking on loving the food in Spain, as I’ve heard its the bee’s knees, but my favorite bar or SIXTEEN never hurt. Gotta love the Sweet Sixteen bar deal at Whole Foods! They know how to hook a girl up.


I also had to stop by their amazing buffet and grab some of my favorites, without failing to try something new. I make myself get at least one new thing every time. I haven’t not liked one thing yet.


I need to look further into Spanish customs, but I am hoping to bring some nuts and nut butter with me too!


I also started a group chat last night with all my Barcelona roommates, as our housing specifications were posted yesterday, and let’s just say, I think we’re all going to get along just fine. On top of all being from different states through out the U.S. and bringing our own little piece of diversity, I had mentioned I wanted to join a gym once we arrived and not one, but all of them expressed how avid they are about staying active and adventurous. We have plans to go hiking, go running in town, travel everywhere, EAT everywhere, visit an ice bar (?), and of course beach it like everyday, while making sure to show each other our gym moves. Oh yeah, and I guess go to class too. There are 6 girls living in my apartment, which sounds a little dangerous, but with these ladies, I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve been trying my best to eat even better than usual in preparations for las playas de Barcelona. I’m essentially just trying to lean out a little more in my week leading up. In doing this, I’m cutting out coffee, so that includes my coconut or soy creamer and Truvia sweetener, excessive fats (not too much nut butters, nuts or oils!), and carbs past lunch time. I’m also trying to incorporate more green smoothies, teas and water. Hopefully I see a little pay off and if not, that’s okay, I know it’s excellent for my bod.

I forgot how awesome dandelion root is for you! You’ll definitely be finding me downing this tea all week.


I have yet to start packing. I’ll hopefully get to that tonight. How will I ever fit 6 weeks worth of stuff into one suitcase under 50 lbs?! I don’t really think this will be possible given my history.

Well I need to grab some food before I head to my brother Kyle’s lacrosse game! My thoughts keep taking me to the rest of my Whole Foods fixings.

Talk to all you chowido-ees later!

Where Has the Time Gone?

Hi there all and Happy May (best month)!

As stated in the title…where the heck has the time gone? Really. I can’t believe my last blog post was during spring break. My serious apologies.

Good (sad) news though, my junior year at Virginia Tech is officially done with and my Summer has begun!

Before I move on, I must update you on what you’ve missed out on since we’ve been apart.

  • I’ve been continuing with my sprints weightlifting usually 6 times per week and eating entirely plant-based.
  • I attempted running distance for the first time in 6 months because the weather was so beautiful and found my endurance to not be as strong as it once was, having to slow down much quicker than I remembered. Since then, I have been trying to incorporate more cardio than just sprints into my workouts. I’ve always loved jump roping, so thats been a winner lately.Image
  • Exciting news–I hit 10 months of veganism on May 5!!! Who would’ve thought? Not me. Thats for sure. I will say with final exams and end-of-semester projects and papers to cram for, my routine was thrown a little off whack. That’s life for you, I guess.
  • Oh, and then my 21st birthday happened last Saturday, May 10. That didn’t exactly have me on my A-game either. It was my 21st though. Go hard or go home, right?Image
  • Yesterday, when I arrived home, we celebrated my birthday, Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday. Its always back-to-back-to-back in my family, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I got some awesome kitchen supplies for my future homes, bracelet charms, some gift cards and money. I also heard word that a special surprise would be waiting for me upon my arrival back from Spain. You will hear more about that later though. Any how, birthdays are the best.

“Spain?!” you ask? Yes. The rumors are true. I will be departing for España in one week from now, Tuesday, May 20. I am crazy excited for my study abroad trip. I feel so lucky to be able to spend 6 weeks in Barcelona, Spain while earning credit toward my International Business minor. I know this is a once in a lifetime experience, so I am pumped beyond words!


With all this excitement, I decided to make a blog specifically for my time in Spain. I will be documenting all my adventures and hope that you might tune in to see what I am up to.

Check it out. CHOWIDOSpain :)

I’ve also made the executive decision to consume seafood while in Barcelona, as it is a coastal city specializing in fresh, local seafood dishes, like the famous Paella. It was an extremely difficult decision to make as I’ve grown and become so accustomed to eating plant-based only, fully understanding the plethora of benefits the lifestyle yields to our society and my personal health. With that being said, I also do not want to miss out on the cultural experience of Spain or feel continuously limited as I find means to nourish myself.

Fortunately, I will be living in an apartment with a full kitchen and will have access to the wide variety of Barcelona produce markets, rumored to be some of the greatest and largest in the world. I’ve also done my fair share of vegan restaurant research and since Barcelona is a large city, it boasts its fair share. I will most definitely make sure I make my way to some of those!

As far as exercise in Spain, from the info I have gathered, it seems as though working out is not something of too much popularity in Spain, especially for women. Yes, my jaw dropped too. Everyone is expected to have nice bodies, but being seen working out is apparently against the social norm. The university doesn’t even have a gym! Crazy, I know. Don’t worry though, I have requested recommendations for gyms in the area from my program specialist. I was also told that wearing workout clothes while not working out is socially unacceptable. Goodbye yoga pants? Shorts are also not socially acceptable. However, skirts, dresses and pants are. Goodness gracious, Spain, ya killin’ me.

Well I have a lot to do before I leave next Tuesday, so I better get to it! I’m sure I’ll be making some yummy concoctions and hitting up the  gym while I’m home so be looking out for that.

Chow for now! P.S. It was so nice catching up :)

My Not-So-Typical College Spring Break

Hi, people! Good afternoon and happy Spring!

Last week was my university’s spring break. As many of my classmates were off in some tropical paradise drinking fruity drinks and getting a little wild among thousands of other college kids on a typical ‘college spring break,’ I was at home not doing much, and loving it.

I was initially a little bummed about not actually doing the ‘college spring break,’ but in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t. All I really needed for my spring break was an actual break; a break from school work, my organization leadership roles, and all the other stresses that come along with being a college student. I got just that.

On top of that, I got to hang out with my amazing family and my little Hudson pup whom I missed so much!


For a solid week, I hung around my home town in Northern Virginia doing very average things, truly my own simple pleasures. I would wake up, make some breakfast, go to the gym, shower and do whatever else I wanted to do that day, whether it be shopping (missed my NoVA malls!), grabbing lunch with a friend, getting my nails done, going to my brother’s lacrosse games, etc.

Here are some highlights from my week:

I actually had lab work done at my family doctor to insure that I was nutritionally sound as I approach my 9th month of veganism, and guess what? My full nutrition panel came back with beautiful results, as I had suspected ;). Every single nutrient level was on par and I even had a surplus of B12 and Iron! Oh, the irony! (P.S. Creatinine marks simply mean I was slightly dehydrated, as I had just woken up.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.40.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.40.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.40.29 PM

I’ve never been one to obsess over the number on the scale, especially as I’ve delved deeper into consciousness of health and my body. I can confidently say I weight myself maybe 1-2 times a year, only when I am required to for doctor’s visits. I simply don’t find that number to be beneficial to me. I go by how I feel, how I look and how my clothes fit to determine where I stand. I even figured I had gained weight since I started weight lifting, with all the added muscle mass. Poundage doesn’t determine much in my eyes. Funny thing–I actually weigh slightly less than before. I ranged from 146-150 lbs eating a healthy, balanced omnivorous diet before I began eating plant-based and weight lifting. Check out my current standing!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.34.38 PM


I went to the dentist, as well. My teeth are lookin’ good too incase you were curious!

I grabbed lunch with my friend Megan at Cava Mezze and did a little shopping around the Mosaic District afterward. Megan and I are both studying abroad in Spain for a little over 5 weeks this summer, but on different programs. I will be in Barcelona and she will be in Madrid. We booked our flights together though and will be making a few excursions to visit one another. This summer can’t come soon enough!


And of course with a European trip ahead of me, I had to get some cool European-acceptable attire. My boyfriend Ryan and I headed to the mall and had some shopping fun. I hadn’t been to a mall in months, so this felt like a real treat, especially being at Tysons Corner.

Of course it was a long day of shopping and the two of us eat pretty often, so naturally we packed ourselves some snacks and ate up in the food court among all those eating food court food. You get stares, but who cares! I packed myself a Go Macro bar I had been meaning to try and an apple, and Ryan packed himself an almond butter sandwich on cinnamon raisin Ezekial bread. MMM!


I went to the gym every morning and was loving all the time I had to do my thang. There was no pressure to get in, get out and head to class, like at school. It was pure work out bliss. I even had some time to take some progress selfies. We all know I love these. I’ve been trying to work on more “muscle separation,” as Ryan has informed me.


Toward the end of the week, right before I packed up and headed back to school, my mom and I whipped up some scrumptious vegan desserts for me to take back!

Avocado Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Snagged from The Blonde Vegan


Lemon Ginger Cashew Balls

Recipe posted on previous blog post!


I also couldn’t go back to school without stopping by Whole Foods to stock up on bars beforehand! How I love being home…and Whole Foods Market. Sweet 16, anyone?


All in all, my spring break was not that of a typical college student, but typical is boring! All I’m saying is that different is good. Different is what makes an impact. That statement can be pretty generalized, but I’ll leave it at that.

Well, I’m off to enjoy this beautiful day! I am overjoyed that Spring has finally decided to show itself.

Chow for now, and enjoy your weekend all!